A Day at the Orchard

I can’t believe it’s already October 25; can you? Halloween is just a week away and I’m not ready to say goodbye to the fall season. While the autumn weather may stick around leading up to Thanksgiving Day, Minnesota is already showing signs of winter, ugh. With this in mind, my family and I (minus dad; we missed you!) ventured to the Deardorff Apple Orchard and Parley Lake winery for an afternoon of fun.

The weather was absolutely perfect, you know, that in between where you don’t need a jacket, but you certainly need a long sleeve? We started our day at the Orchard by hopping on a tractor ride to their apple fields to fill up our bag with Honeycrisp (my favorite). My siblings had so much fun picking out any apples they could find and tossing them in our bag. I’m sure my mom also had a great time throwing out all the old and dirty apples out of our bag too! Whether or not we got the best pickings, it was so nice to be outside and breathe the fresh air.

After our hayride back to the orchard barn, we all got apple cider and listened to a local band they had playing out back. Lucky for us, there were a few goat and sheep fenced in by the band for the kids to find some enjoyment from, while my mom and I relaxed. Watching my siblings interact with the animals was too funny, but also precious at the same time. Shortly after, they were laughing hysterically and jumping off hay bills for about an hour (they slept well that night)!

We ended our outing in the best way possible: with food. The orchard catered a food truck that had everything from hot dogs to shaved iced. Obviously, the kids chose wild flavors of shaved ice, while I drooled over a classic cheeseburger. It meant so much to me to sit down at a picnic table and enjoy a yummy meal with my family.

We couldn’t leave without one last tractor ride, per my little brother’s request, but we ended the day on a high. In the words of my little sister that day, “this was the best day ever!”


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