Updated (03/08/19) – Another year wiser! Thank you for sticking with me.


This has been a long-awaited post. In fact, it’s been my last piece of this blogs entirety to finish. I knew when it came time to share the “Essence of Emily” with the world, I wanted this short piece about myself to be the finishing touch.

This blog means the absolute world to me. It’s something I’ve dreamt up for years. From deciding on a domain name, designing every corner of the site, photographing, writing, styling, and to paying the not so fun website-ownership fees, this is SO personal (hence the name).

A lot of you know me very well, assuming a majority of you are friends & family, but for those who don’t, I’m glad you’re here! You should know I’ve started a handful of blogs before, so making the launch of this one seems like it’s deemed for failure. However, over the past few years, I’ve gained a whole new level of writing maturity and I hold a completely different outlook on blogging, fashion, beauty, and life itself. Now at 22-years-old, I feel like my voice truly matters and I’m at a spot in life where I feel motivated, inspired and supported to carry this blog with me in all my life adventures.

While this all purely a hobby, I’m working hard to make it a career! I’m no professional when I suggest to you to buy certain products or shop at specific stores, but I am a young woman on a college budget who’s learned a thing or two. So again, thank you for stopping by my happy corner of the internet and I hope to hear from you soon.