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Hi, friends!

Today, July 11, marks a year since purchasing the Essence of Emily domain. To honor this mini mark in my blog journey, I wanted to do a fun Q&A for those of you that enjoy and continue to read my posts. I hope you learn a little more about the voice behind these posts and if you have any more questions, please leave them in the comments below! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for paying a visit to my site.

XO, Emily.


  • What is your favorite drink?: This is a tough question because I’m trying to wean off coffee right now! I typically order an iced vanilla coffee, but lately, it’s been a cool lime refresher. When I’m at home, I live off of La Croix sparkling water.
  • What is your favorite song at the moment?: I’m jammin’ to “Nice For What” by Drake and “Let Me Down Slowly” by Alec Benjamin.
  • What is the last thing you bought?: I recently purchased woven pants from C9 Champion in ALL 3 COLORS. I absolutely adore them and they’re an affordable alternative to Athleta or Lululemon pants. You can find them HERE.
  • What is your favorite food?: Spaghetti has been my favorite dish since I was 3 years old!
  • Favorite book of all time?: For some reason, I remember reading “Dear John” by Nicholas Sparks in a span of three days while on vacation (must’ve been good). I also loved “Love Does” by Bob Goff and “Sandcastle Kings” by Rich Wilkerson.
  • Favorite Holiday?: Fa, la, la, la, la…
  • How many siblings do you have?: Four! In order: Rory (9), Alex (9), Hadley (6) and Auburn (3). A lot of people don’t know this, but my brother Alex past away during birth on October 20th, 2008 and we miss him every day!
  • What is your favorite shop?: I have SO MANY favorites. If I had to choose, it would be ASOS or Nordstrom Rack.
  • Favorite Movie?: For the longest time, I was obsessed with Zombieland. I love just about every movie about sharks, tornadoes or zombies. As of lately, my favorite movie has to The Kissing Booth on Netflix!
  • Favorite TV shows?: You’ll want to write this down…9-1-1, The Resident, Criminal Minds, Riverdale, Hart of Dixie, The Vampire Diaries, Friday Night Lights, 90210, Gossip Girl, The Fosters, Greys Anatomy, The Bachelor (and their entire franchise of shows), AGT and soooooooo much more.
  • How tall are you?: I’m 5’5, which I think is a pretty average height!
  • Can you cook?: Absolutely not. It’s embarrassing.
  • What’s the meaning behind your blog name? I wanted this blog to capture my entire personality and everything I love. I truly wanted everyone to get a feel for who I am, so that’s where the word “essence” comes from.
  • Do you have a nickname? Of course! People call me Emmy, Ems, EmsOen, Em, Emmers…
  • Something you crave a lot? CHIPS & SALSA.
  • What’s your favorite makeup brand? I love this question! I’m all about makeup brands that enhance your natural features, so Glossier or Pixi by Petra.
  • What’s your favorite clothing brand? I love Harlow & Graham and Free People. I think they represent my style well.
  • What is your style? I can’t describe it exactly because I love trying new trends. I typically lean towards pieces that are flowy and oversized…dresses, jackets, boyfriend jeans and baggy tee’s. I hope that makes sense!
  • How do you find good deals? If you have a junk email, I recommend signing up for retailer newsletters! I receive exclusive discounts from my favorite stores via email. Another tip is that everything eventually goes on sale, so my motto is that if it doesn’t reach the sale section than it wasn’t mean to be. ALSO, check out UNiDAYS if you’re a college student and Retail Me Not if you aren’t.
  • What are three words that describe you? Reserved, creative and honest.


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