Graduation Dress Guide

Congratulations Senior!

Can you believe we’re graduating? I’ve been so eager for this day to come, and now that it’s here…I’m so anxious for what’s next. Let’s ignore all those details about post-grad life and focus on the big day ahead! You already know I’ve been searching far and wide for THE graduation dress. After asking a few of my friends and family for their opinions on my dress options, I quickly realized that everyone has a different idea of what the perfect graduation dress looks like. A handful of texts and DM’s later inquiring about graduation dresses led me to publish my graduation dress guide! From mini to maxi, and straps to strapless, I hope you find your dream dress! You deserve to feel and look this good on graduation day.










For all my readers who LOVE clothes, but HATE scrolling through all the options online, I sincerely hope this guide helped you narrow your search! Perhaps it also served as some inspiration for the dress you’re looking for. I’d be happy to connect with you via email or DM (@emsoen) and help you find a dress that you maybe didn’t see in this guide!

It’s been SO fun to navigate this blog with you all and grow alongside you. Here’s to US and graduating!





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