How I Shop On A Budget + Websites I Use

A lot of the times when people hear that I’m a fashion and lifestyle blogger, they don’t immediately think of the word “frugal.”

Sure, I buy a good chunk of clothes, but I don’t spend a lot of money. In reality, I’m never spending over $25 when it comes to a basic dress, pair of shorts, a top, etc. Things like shoes and jackets are a completely different story, but you get the point!

So how do I do it? You’re about to find out! *cue exciting music and flashing lights*

Cash Back Sites

EBATES: If you aren’t getting cash back for shopping…what’re you doing? I use the Ebates browser extension whenever I’m online shopping. It automatically recognizes if you’re shopping on a cashback site, which is absolutely amazing. After so many purchases, you’ll receive your cashback check in the mail! Voilà! Ebates is a completely FREE tool to use online and in-store. You aren’t losing anything by trying this out next time you’re shopping.

Coupon Sites

HONEY: Similar to Ebates, I use the Honey browser extension to automatically check for coupon codes to apply to my purchase when shopping online. If you take anything from this blog post, please try honey. This is the biggest tool that helps me shop on a budget. Plus, if you’re a blogger or know of a working code, you can submit that to help other people shop on a budget! Essentially, Honey prevents you from having to Google “Forever 21 promo code” and testing out a bunch of random codes you find online. They handle it all for you and it’s about a 90% success rate of always finding a working code…crazy.

RETAILMENOT: This is a pretty widely-known tool, so I won’t get into the detail of that one, but I will certainly link it for you HERE!

Secondhand Sites

POSHMARK: Free People is my absolute favorite brand. There’s just one small problem…I can’t afford it. So, I buy ALL of my Free People pieces off of Poshmark for close to 90% off the retail price. Poshmark is a selling tool that allows you and I to sell/and or purchase NEW and gently used clothing items! I’ve made over $ 1,800-lifetime value by selling my clothes on Poshmark! Yup, you heard that right. I think the best part about Poshmark is that you can apply your earrings directly to another purchase, so you’re basically just swapping pieces out if you choose to go that route. You can also request a direct deposit of your earrings, so it’s a wonderful side-gig if you need some extra cash. If you want, you can also shop my Poshmark closet, @emsoen !

Another great option for shopping secondhand is thredUP. I will link a previous blog post with more information about them HERE!

Student Discounts

UNIDAYS: If you’re a college student, you need to be on Unidays. This tool provides students with an all-access pass to discounts for students ONLY. This is different from other coupon websites because you have to verify that you’re a student and qualify for these exclusive discounts at thousands of retailers. I have saved soooo much money with Unidays during my time in school. Not only does Unidays have student discounts for clothing, but also for electronics, food and travel! If you’re a student on a budget, you need to join this free tool.


*If you follow any influencers, bloggers or Youtuber’s, you will come across exclusive discounts to your favorite stores, from them! For example, I know of a handful of Princess Polly codes just by watching a couple of Youtuber’s clothing hauls.

*Sign up for retailers email newsletter and exclusive discounts using a junk email. I’ve received numerous discounts and coupon codes from email newsletters that haven’t been available to the general public. It’s annoying to receive so many emails from certain retailers, but they are worth it!

That was a ton of information I just threw at you, but all very valuable and worthwhile tips. I can guarantee that implementing any of the websites or tips mentioned above will save you money.

Here’s to being $5 or so richer,



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