My Amazon Hearts List

Hello, Friends!

I think we can all agree that Amazon is a lifesaver. It’s an amazing place to snag last-minute gifts, groceries and personal care items. I like to think of it as a one-stop-shop for basic and essential products, but if I’m being honest, I don’t purchase many stylish items on their site. Plus, I don’t have the energy to dig through pages upon pages of products for one cute find.

Thankfully, they’ve created a whole new explore page for their interesting (and stylish) finds. This page has quickly become one of my favorite places to spend a little extra free time. There are so many unique and affordable products from a variety of categories.

I’ve accumulated quite the list of hearted items ranging from clothing, beauty and home decor that I wanted to share with you. Take a look at all the interesting and quirky products below (all around $20) and tell me what you think!



  1. Burlap Tote Bag – $12.99
  2. Door Stopper – $13.99
  3. Notebook Set – $12.95
  4. Perricone MD Bronzer – $22
  5. Laundry Hamper – $20
  6. Travel Cosmetics Bag – $8
  7. Linen Basket Organizers – $23.99
  8. Wilderness Hat – $26
  9. Lunch Tote – $30
  10. Mr. & Mrs. Mugs – $21.39


So, what did you think? This was only 10/20 items on my current heart list, and I think they’re pretty darn cute. I would love to hear what items you loved and what products are on your heart list!

Happy shopping, or should I say hunting?


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