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Hey Friends!

So far, so good in sticking to my New Years resolution of being more consistent on my blog. I’ve had plenty of time to brainstorm the type of content I want to share on here, and there was one particular post that I missed writing about…#OOTD’s! I want to take it back to the basics of just showing you guys how I’d style pieces from my closet and yours. Even if you don’t have every piece I show, there are at least variations and ideas that can guide you in styling that one piece in your closet you never get around to wearing. Is it too bright? Too loud of a pattern? Doesn’t go with anything? I want to help with that, so I’m starting an #OOTDSeries on my blog!

With each new #OOTD (no guarantee on when each post will go up, so stay tuned on my Instagram, @emsoen), I’ll be showcasing an outfit of the day. I’ll be sure to mix up the styles; bohemian, edgy, casual, etc. I’ll also be linking the pieces I wore or similar ones in case there’s a staple you’ve been needing. I’m so excited to detail some of my favorite looks, pieces, and also express the challenges I’ve had in styling certain outfits. I hope you guys are just as excited!






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The clear hurdle with this outfit was figuring out how to style this gorgeous plaid maxi skirt. The colors are challenging in themselves to pair well with others, but then it’s also a pattern that speaks for itself.

For a casual look, a cream basic tee knotted up on the side with this skirt and sneakers (think air force 1’s) would be AMAZING. Can you see it? Add simple gold jewelry and your favorite tote bag to this look to top it off. This route would let the skirt be the star of your outfit.

For a dressier look (the route I went), I paired the skirt with a minimalistic graphic tee. The tee isn’t a wild pattern or image, but rather a simplistic and fun message that pairs well with the pattern of the skirt. The tee and skirt aren’t fighting each other in this ensemble; they compliment each other nicely. Because we have a two-toned hunter green going on, I wore a cream turtleneck bodysuit underneath to break the green on green look. I’m curious to see what it would have looked like had I worn a long sleeve turtleneck? For the shoes, I would’ve loved a black bootie or cream bootie to keep with the color scheme, but I didn’t bring any back from college (oops)! Instead, I opted for a brown slip-on bootie.

That completes the look! If you have any questions, thoughts, or recreate this look at home, please share below!



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