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The Spring season is finally upon us, but coming from a Minnesotan, you truly just never know.

I figured with signs of winter disappearing, and summer clothes coming out to play, that it was time to do some spring cleaning! If there is one place that really triggers my anxiety, it’s my closet. No matter how many times I clean that space out, there are still pieces to say “so long” to.

The tough part about cleaning out my closet so often and now preparing for the spring season is that I have no idea what to do with the clothes I no longer want. I’ve tried my luck on apps like Poshmark and LetGo, but that only seems to build up my pile of unwanted clothes; never bidding them farewell. If you’re like me and find yourself tossing out clothing items with tags still attached, I’ve found the perfect solution!


This past month I was introduced to a closet and spring cleaning lifesaver…thredUP clean out kits!

Clean out Kits:

  • Supply you with every material you need to make the process simple.
  • Is a HUGE bag to place all your gently worn or unworn clothing, shoes or accessories into.
  • Is already postage paid.
  • (If accepted) turns clothing into credits for you to shop on thredUP or cash out on PayPal.

So what’s the best part? Well, besides the fact thredUP makes it easy and fun to send your unwanted clothing pieces straight into someone else’s closet, you can get paid to do it! Once your items sell, you can use your payout to shop on thredUP, give to their cause partners, or cash out with PayPal.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Clean out kits are FREE!
  • thredUP accepts 35,000 brands.
  • thredUP responsibly recycles any items you send that they will not accept.
  • They’ll pay you up to 90% of the listing price on designer items.



After sending in my clean out kit, I found a few hidden gems on their site. Check out this mini lookbook of spring items that I snagged while shopping on thredUP!

American Apparel Graphic Tee – $9.99 (Originally $24.00)

Zara Denim Jacket – $20.99 (Originally $50.00)

Forever 21 Casual Dress – $15.99 (Originally $32.00)

Forever 21 Denim Jacket – $12.99 (Originally $30.00)


“EMILYOEN30” gives 30% off all first-time orders up to $50 per order to the first 300 users of this code. Code expires June 13th.

Happy spring cleaning and shopping my friends!


Thank you thredUP for collaborating with me on this post! All opinions are my own.

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