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Hey, Cuties! Ugh, this has been long awaited. I’ve been wanting to purchase and test out Glossier makeup products for what seems like forever. I feel like as I’ve gotten older, I’m more into the “less is more” makeup trend. Lately, my skin has cleared up a TON and I felt like it was the perfect time to throw out those cakey products that would only lead to more unwanted acne, and instead, invest in products that are known to hydrate the skin. Yeah, that’s a thing. If you’re unfamiliar with the Glossier Brand, their motto is “Skin First, Makeup Second (then smile)”. They basically pride themselves on putting skin care first, which is already a major PLUS. This is done through their strategic choice of ingredients and desired outcome of their products. As for pricing, I think it is reasonably fair, although some would beg to differ that the product size is small for the price; you should know a little goes a long way. I went ahead and purchased two products; Stretch Concealer and Cloud Paint. Let’s review these babes!

Stretch Concealer (Medium) – $18

Initially, I purchased this product because of YouTuber, Lauren Elizabeth, who spoke volumes about it. Lauren is one of my top beauty & fashion influencers, so I definitely trusted her opinion. However, shortly after purchasing, another one of my yt favs, Olivia Jade, didn’t rave much about it. My opinion? I’m. in. love.

  1. The perfect amount of product (not small at all).
  2. SO creamy.
  3. Completely buildable.
  4. Glowy finish + youthful appearance.

That was just a quick summary for the impatient, so here’s a little more deets: the product size was not small at all and I can foresee it lasting for at least 3 + months. The formula itself was unbelievably creamy, hydrating and left my skin glowing. The afterglow was a result of the sheerness of the product as well. I would not recommend this concealer for full coverage or glam looks. As I mentioned, Glossier really tries to enhance your natural skin appearance, so while the concealer was 100% buildable, it was very sheer (doesn’t cover every acne spot). For the summertime, I give this product an A+. For the past couple days I have only been wearing this concealer without foundation and love the finish/coverage it gives me.

Cloud Paint (Dusk) – $18

This product became familiar to me through various social media posts, and if I’m honest, I was initially attracted to the paint-like appearance of the product (hence the name). I  knew I had to purchase this along with the concealer because I’ve always struggled with finding the perfect blush that wouldn’t like a rag doll on my face, so the more natural I could get, the better.

  1. Blends beautifully.
  2. Very pigmented.
  3. A little goes A LONG, LONG, way.
  4. Extremely natural + flushed appearance.

The first thing I noticed about this product was the fact that you only need to apply about the size of a mini gem (barely). For the amount of product, it goes a long way and you only need the littlest bit to flush your cheeks instantly. During application, I found that the product was very blendable, so don’t worry about blending fast or feeling like you’ll rub off a foundation that may lie underneath. Along with the concealer, I’ve been wearing this product with absolutely nothing else, and then I’m out the door. I find that this blush, paired with the concealer, give my face a light, dewy, and glowing look, which I’m starting to prefer more than a caked, oily, and matte look. I will definitely be repurchasing this product in other shades.

I appreciate you sticking to the end and valuing my honest review of the Glossier brand and products. If you’d like to learn more about another one of their products in specific, please let me know! Also, don’t forget to shop these products with the provided shopping links below.



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