Tips & Tricks for Bloggers

I can’t say I know everything about what it takes to be a successful blogger because I’m still learning, but today I’m sharing what I’ve learned thus far.

My blog has been up and running for six months now, which is crazy for me to even believe! In this short amount of time, it’s presented me numerous opportunities. From working with unique brands, and to writing for others websites, it’s been an amazing journey that’s only just begun. I’ve recently been receiving a lot of questions from friends and followers about how I’ve managed to score paid brand collaborations with a fresh blog and little followers. These people also tend to ask how they might start their own personal blogs and how to do it on a budget. There are tons of questions, but I’ll spill a few tips & tricks for now.

  • TIP: Don’t wait for brands to reach out to you, make it your job to contact them!

I obviously knew when I started my blog that I wasn’t going to be receiving big buck collaborations from the gecko, heck, I didn’t even think I’d get the chance to work with any brands at all. I made it my goal as a beginning blogger to contact the companies I was passionate about collaborating with and pitch myself to them. The first place I contacted was thredUP, and in a sincere email, I told them how much I adoreded their website and how I could be of use to them. I’m confident my drive and confidence in that email landed me that product-exchange. If you sit around and wait for someone to come to you, you could be waiting awhile; take the initiative!

  • TIP: Enlist the help of family and friends

Creating and running a blog takes a lot more work than most people think and you’re just being silly if you think I started the Essence of Emily all on my own. You’ll need an editor (because sometimes your work needs fresh eyes), a photographer (should your blog require photos of yourself) and a group of people that motivate you to move forward (always necessary). A lot of people think that I invest in professional photographers after looking at my Instagram or blog, but you’d be thinking wrong. I’d say 90% of my photos are taken by my mom using my camera equipment and the other 10% is taken by my loyal friends. This doesn’t go to say that you can’t hire a professional or even ask one you may know well, but I’d hope you have a family or dear friend to lean on.

  • TRICK: Use your city as your creative playground

I am definitely the girl that you take places and hear “this would be a cute photo spot” way too much. There is potential all around you for inspiration and free photoshoot locations! I make excellent use of my towns cafes and coffee shops for a ton of my photoshoot destinations. My favorite small businesses and restaurants in the area serve as inspiration for blog post ideas. This is a great way to spark your creativity and network with those in your community. You don’t need to live in the most artistic city or drive 30 miles to the nearest brick wall, but find and appreciate the beauty within your own backyard. The fancy backgrounds might seem crucial, but it’s always you that will make it stand out.

I could babble on for hours about my tips & tricks to be a successful blogger, but I’ll save those for future blog posts. Like I said, I’m still learning, but these three pieces of advice have helped me tremendously. At the end of the day, you don’t need the expensive tools or pricy professionals, all you need is that spark of creativity that motivated you to start your blog and a few encouraging friends.

Now go create MAGIC.





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