Valentine’s Day Look ft. ASOS

Love is in the air!

Whether you’re going out or staying in, dressing up or dressing down, I hope you feel loved this Valentine’s Day. To start this chocolate kisses and candy hearts filled week off right, I pulled together a Valentine’s Day look that I wanted to share with you all, in the hopes that it will inspire some of your date-night outfits! It’s simple, but colorful and goes beyond the classic red and pink dress code.

DRESS (available for purchase here)

I knew I wanted this skater dress the moment I saw it in @tesschristine ‘s “Get The Look” video for Selena Gomez’s “Fetish” music video. The ruffled sleeves and cold shoulder give it that romantic feel we all seem to strive for on this holiday. My favorite part about the dress is the two-toned floral; there’s nothing like it! Can we take a moment to appreciate that this dress is also on sale for $16? If that doesn’t motivate you to buy it then I don’t know what will. I did purchase this dress in a petite size, so it ended up being shorter on me then I’d like. For reference, I am 5’5, so if you’re the same height or taller, I wouldn’t recommend the petite sizing on ASOS for you. Don’t worry, I’ve linked a similar red and floral dress that’s gorgeous; you can find it here.


SHOES (similar available here)

It was only fitting for the holiday that I wore my red heeled sandals. They’re so classy, elegant and affordable! I bought this pair from Target for roughly $12 when they were on sale. I ended up finding an exact pair just like it that I went ahead and linked for you. I love that this shoe doesn’t have a stiletto heel that will make it uncomfortable to walk in all night, plus it gives the look a more easy-going vibe. If you opt-in for this shoe, do us all a favor and paint your toenails a spicy red…my bad.

ACCESSORIES (earrings available here)

These earrings are such a fun pop of color that goes against the classic red and pink dress code. They play so well with the red and blue floral print of the dress and make the look really youthful. These ombre ball earrings were purchased from Target, also on sale. If you wanted to dress up the look for a more formal occasion, I would reach for a gold hoop or pearl stud. Also pictured in this photo is my gold bar necklace featuring my anniversary date with my sweetie! This type of necklace is so popular and readily purchasable on stores like Amazon & Etsy (hint, hint, a great last minute Valentine’s Day gift for my late shoppers).

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There you have it, my completed Valentine’s Day look that I will most likely be sporting this Wednesday! Keep in mind that you will want to bundle up and dress this outfit up with tights and a nice jacket to make it work in this Minnesota weather, although I hear its suppose to be relatively nice outside?

I hope you were able to draw some inspiration from this youthful and colorful look. It really goes to show that you can pull anything from your closet to resemble this same look: a printed dress, solid color heel and statement earrings. Twist & tweak this look to make it your own and feel confident in whatever you sport this Valentine’s Day! If that’s yoga pants and a sweatshirt, then heck ya, OWN IT (you’re fabulous)!

Happy Valentine’s Day My Love Birds.



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  1. February 14, 2018 / 3:57 pm

    I’ve been hearing more and more about asos – I’d loved hearing what you like from them. Cute dress!

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